This session will be from 2 pm to 3:30 pm on January 11 at the Spring Lake Hall and build on the foundation developed in the introduction sessions.  The cost for the workshop is $20.  Contact Pastor Steve if you need financial support to attend.

Heatheryln notes that “In our culture, we tend to begin the new year by launching head-long into resolve to change ourselves, to change our ways or both. Rigid self-discipline may serve us for a while and it does work better for some than others. For others of us, this approach can hinder our ernest efforts with feelings of shame and failure.  In yoga; compassion, non-judgement and self-discovery are key in practicing personal growth. In this workshop, we’ll discuss some new perspectives around setting intentions, deepening awareness and cultivating mindfulness and compassion for ourselves and others. Approaching life as practice in the present (with every “now” a new beginning) rather than aiming for an elusive goal of “perfection” may serve us and our whole lives much better in the long run.

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